TrialPad: Project your Evidence

TrialPad: Project your Evidence

According to Off Site Law Center:

“TrialPad for iPad is an easy-to-use app for preparing and presenting compelling presentations for trial. It literally puts your next presentation into your own hands, at a fraction of the cost of traditional courtroom presentations.

  • Organize documents quickly and easily
  • Present compelling evidence to judge or jury
  • Annotate and display documents to increase their impact.”

The App opens up with a welcome case folder, I liked the large folder icons.  With a tap the large folder icon disappears to reveal an attractive interface loaded with a quick start PDF. 

TrialPad: Project your Evidence

The quick start PDF includes instructions for:

  • Creating a New Case – Just touch the add icon in the cases screen; it’s like adding a Doc in Pages.
  • Adding Documents to a Case – The easiest way is to email a PDF to yourself and open it in TrialPad from the iPad mail client. You can also import Docs through iTunes.
  • Annotating Documents- TrialPad includes a highlighter, pen, and redaction tool.  You can also pinch to zoom and undo annotations.
  • Hot Docs – Allows users to save an annotated copy of a doc in the Hot Docs list while leaving the original without annotations.
  • Organizing Documents – TrialPad duplicates, renames, and moves files.  Touch “Edit”,  select target files, and then select the desired action. 
  • Displaying Documents –  Just move the “Output” slider from “Off” to “On”. Playback is controlled with play, pause, and stop buttons. 

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