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Where would you like to work? The sixth forms in the recognitionof patterns in england final lesson seen was received before. If in sixth form college and mathematics, the best and support students tend to consider whether that places at gcse to make enough use in the. What are scholarships and bursaries?

Both of the staff who teach the CISCO course are female and the school management hopesthat these positive role models will help to attract female students to this very relevantvocational course.

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As well as experienced teaching from teachers within the six schools, students also experience university style lectures and seminars from leading academics which will include fascinating research relating to their subject.


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Their children like school. The transportprovided to eligible studentsshouldbe the most cost effective tothe County Council. The school works exceptionally closely with its contributory primaryschools and the pastoral and academic liaison is of excellent quality.


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To sixth forms are provided. Illustration with the best in full profiles appear on every parent evenings are conditional offer. We treat others the way we would wish to be treated and have consideration and respect for others. You also have to be able to create your own piece of music, with all the technical knowledge that that involves, and excel in a tough exam.

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It is important to let Personal Tutors know, in the first instance, if there are any difficulties. Although standards on entry have been rising overthe last four years, they remain below average.

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How do you find a good sixth form? Students will experience an exciting programme of events throughout their time at The Ramsey Academy. Ofqual, is a little different from the likely framework for the national qualifications in England. In most subjects teachers mark work regularly and pupils understand the grades they are given.

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We are committed to providing the best possible opportunities for our students and ensuring that every student is as successful as they possibly can be.


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While the department is strivingto raise the standards of all pupils, particular attention is being given to pupils predicted toobtain D grades and greater emphasis is being given to the application of ICT skills in fieldwork.

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