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Direct contact is defined as oral contact with shared items such as cigarettes or drinking glasses or through intimate contact such as kissing. Your doctor or nurse practitioner is like the Professor. University of South Florida.

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Hepatitis A can cause liver failure and death. Providing proof of immunization is a preadmission requirement. Any adult who is sexually active or has chronic liver disease should receive the Hepatitis B vaccine. We do not bill for immunizations.

Anyone with a vaccine exemption may be excluded from the college in the event of a disease outbreak in accordance with public health law. Health Services by the beginning of preregistration. What is the danger of not being immunized against rubella? See information on the Immunization Form, refer to Tuberculosis At Risk Countries Form as needed.

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They often also have special discounts for shoppers who get their flu shot here, although the overall price is in line with the market price. No other forms, photocopies or reproductions are valid. Then upload your record and Send. Who must give the vaccine?

When immunizing someone who has been given to miscarriage or exemption for many vaccines for whom the college waiver for the religious. Centers for your vaccine are college for additional information? Serologic proof of immunity.

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Attendance is defined in regulation as the physical presence of the student at the institution and shall begin on the first scheduled day of classes for a student each semester.

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Obligation List and are not permitted to register for future classes access their grades or financial aid until such time the required documentation is properly submitted.

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Acceptable proof of immunity is described below. Canisius College strictly enforces compliance with these laws. Getting vaccinated against certain preventable diseases is a safe and effective way to protect yourself.

Side note, mine required the meningacocol one. What will happen if I do not submit the required documents? See Section I of this handbook.


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When my daughter went out of state to college back east, we found out that the school would only accept a religious or medical exemption. Electronic form completed in the Health Portal. FACILITY or HOME can deny a Medical or Religious Exemption. Open menus and college might not register to college waiver as possible you are categorized as you are.

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When a religious exemption is claimed, the institution may require supporting documentation.

Meningitis is a disease caused by the inflammation of the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord known as the meninges. Adjusting families about the immunization for? Do I have to do anything else before my child starts school? What about Medical Exemptions?