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If, during the interview, you wish to speak with your attorney about a specific answer to a question, you are entitled to do so; indeed, I encourage this, and the probation officer will not be troubled by this.

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The Seventh Circuit held that the district court erred in imposing a lifetime term of supervised release without any articulated justification.

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Any offense committed in another jurisdiction which would be an offense listed in this paragraph if that offense had been committed in this state.

If the court has found that a violent felony offender of special concern poses a danger to the community, the court shall revoke probation and shall sentence the offender up to the statutory maximum, or longer if permitted by law.

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However, even with these systems, people end up getting arrested and held in custody for significant amounts of time, resulting in job loss and other disruptions.

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The Commissioner may petition the committing court for conditional or unconditional release of the acquittee at any time he believes the acquittee no longer needs hospitalization.

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Upon the request of a party to a conflict over meaning or interpretation of interstate commission actions, and upon a majority vote of the compacting states, the interstate commission may issue advisory opinions regarding such meaning or interpretation.


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    An early termination request is more likely to be successful if the supervising probation officer agrees with the request.

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