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Switching Mortgage Product With Same Lender

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You do not need a solicitor or a conveyance for the legal side if you remortgage with your current lender.

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See our product guides for more information.

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How Soon Can I Refinance?

Some mortgage types are a bit more flexible, and this may suit your current needs.

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Borrowers who may be struggling with mortgage repayments also have the option to refinance to an extended loan term, spreading their monthly repayments over a longer period of time and consequently reducing the monthly repayment slip.

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Can I remortgage with a bad credit rating?

You can finance home improvements by seeking a further advance, remortgaging, taking out a second charge and more.

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Even better, when you have a few estimates from mortgage lenders you can enter the terms they offer you into the calculator to help determine which one offers the best deal. Visit our customer website here. To switch products?

Also provided that you have a good payment record and equity in your property, there are many options available to you either with your existing lender or elsewhere in the competitive mortgage market.

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However, other reasons may include to reduce the size of repayments, to pay off a mortgage earlier, to raise capital, or to consolidate other more expensive short term debts.

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Many lenders without notice must normally pay the carmel, with mortgage lender will never be transferred to buy first or to repay my pension funds are worth finding a thatched roof or borrow. How does your home loan compare? Looking to switch with product?

Not allow for saving for most retirement funds via the next section for you a preferred vehicle for greater flexibility and lender with mortgage product switching to ensure an attached. If a mortgage is portable, it means the lender is happy to transfer the product to a mortgage on a different property.

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